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Hila PaldiHila Paldi, has been involved with Pilates exercises since 1983. She came to this work as a client first, but decided to make it her vocation, and in 1988 she was certified by the original Pilates Studio as a Pilates instructor. From her certification in 1988 until the studio closed, she worked at the original Pilates Studio under the supervision of Romana Kryzanowska. Throughout her career, Paldi has continued to explore the work of Joesph Pilates, which exposed her to the teachings of some of Pilates’ other disciples. Hila studied for two years with Kathy Grant, and has taken workshops with some of the other disciples of Mr Pilates. This has broadened her understanding of the Pilates Method, providing her with greater ability to work with different populations, and she has been teaching Pilates in NYC ever since. Hila holds a BA from Lehman College in Physical Education for the older adult.