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malia-tildenMalia was introduced to Pilates as a young dancer, but truly embraced the method years later as a way to relieve back pain caused by sitting long hours at her desk job. The better she felt, the more she wanted to learn and to share the system with others. She studied under the tutelage of Alycea Ungaro to receive her Teacher Training Certificate in Classical Pilates from Real Pilates.

Malia enjoys cheering her clients on toward healthier, happier bodies— from pain-free backs to faster miles. The Pilates system works proper alignment, control, balance, strength, flexibility, and a powerful center… all which make sitting at a desk, running in the park, or going for gold easier, more enjoyable, and attainable. Malia’s goal is to challenge her clients in the studio in order to make them stronger and more efficient outside of the studio.