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The Center Studio® provides both Private Pilates and Group Classes in NYC.

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here’s what some our clients are saying about us…

professional expertise

“I started with one session a week and my instructor listened and was careful not to push me too hard. A year and a half later I am up to three sessions a week and I literally have never felt better, stronger or healthier! The Center Studio and the amazing instructors there have been incredibly supportive and life changing for me. I highly recommend this studio for anyone seeking to heal or strengthen your core!”

— Katie A.

complete results

“I came to the Center Studio about three years ago. I signed up for a session and I was hooked! I workout twice a week consistently and it has changed my body and made me feel stronger, flexible and has improved my posture. I have taken many classes and worked out at the gym but I never felt energized and relaxed at the same time. Pilates gives you an intense workout and you feel revitalized at the end of every session.”

— Benjie P.

focused attention

“The Center Studio provides more than just incredible Pilates instruction, but an overall personal atmosphere making the experience more than just a great core workout. All of the instructors are easy to work with and really show how someone can continue to improve their knowledge and skills despite their level. I have been to other studios but they do not compare to the combination of what someone can get both physically and emotionally from the Center Studio.”

— Jamie R.

fitness for life

“As the mother of a two-year-old, doing Pilates regularly has helped me re-connect with 3 things that have been put on the back burner: my stomach muscles, healthy posture, and the confidence that I feel when my body is strong. The daily tasks of pushing a stroller, lifting and carrying a child, being active at the playground and classes, and wrestling a tantruming toddler out of the tub can all benefit from the strength and knowledge that Pilates gives you.”

— Michelle B.