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Bethany Perry
Bethany Perry was introduced to the Pilates method while attending SUNY Brockport College. Shortly after receiving her degree in Dance, she moved to New York City to pursue further training in both Pilates and dance. She obtained her certificate from Power Pilates after completion of their comprehensive program in October 2004. She has been teaching full time at The Center Studio® since October 2005. Bethany is always looking to expand her knowledge of the method and, therefore, continues to fine-tune her skills as both a student, studying under master instructor, Bob Liekens, and as a trainer, frequently participating in continuing education workshops. She is also a certified instructor of the M.E.L.T. method, a self treatment technique that lessens pain and restrictions in the body by hydrating connective tissue. This certification has further broadened her knowledge of the body and sharpened her eye in assessing strengths and weaknesses. Bethany’s focused and motivational style of instructing guides her clients through precise, but flowing, workouts that have yielded remarkable changes in her clients’ bodies. She loves nothing more than when a client experiences in his/her body some of the benefits that she has experienced as a result of doing Pilates: greater flexibility, increased overall body strength, looser joint articulations from better alignment, and a heightened sense of body awareness.